Greetings Students and Families:

Well, it’s been a long and challenging last few months but now we are back open!

Nearly four months to the day has passed since so many things changed. The way we educate our kids, the way we work from home, the way we shop, and the way we try to stay connected with family and friends. When I think of words to describe the last few months, here are some that come to mind: uncertain, anxious, overwhelming, and you can add more I’m sure.

I’d like to focus on something a little more positive in this address. Two words that Grandmaster Chong shared with me early and often: Appreciation and Excellence.

I would like to share my deepest appreciation one more time to all the family and friends of the Master P’s Tae Kwon Do community. You have been there for us through these challenging times. You’ve come to train with me online, you’ve taken virtual private lessons, or maybe posted words of support and encouragement on our Facebook page. Perhaps you promoted to your next belt at one of our Virtual Tests. Or maybe you attended one of our events like the Coast to Coast Class, Board Breaking Bash, Mothers and Fathers Day classes. And even if you didn’t train much in the Virtual Dojang, you were there for us too, I know it! You were there for us and that really kept us going. Kam Sahm Nee Da!

And now I want to make sure that I continue the level of excellence in service and personal instruction you’ve come to enjoy at Master P’s TKD. I will make sure that you have a path to progress in an environment that is safe, positive, and motivational. Even though my Staff and I may be wearing masks, we are smiling with a sense of pride and happiness that you have helped give us. We may be physically distanced, but we remain committed to excellence in how we socially and emotionally connect with you and the martial artists in your family! My Team and I will do everything we can to continue to operate a Dojang where you can feel comfortable to train in our dual system of In Person or Virtual classes.

Take a look at the lineup we’ve got to keep the martial artist in your family physically active and mentally engaged. As we have returned to In Person classes at the Dojang, we are also continuing to offer a great Virtual Dojang as well. My mantra has become this these days:

“Wherever You Are, We Want to Teach You”

In Person Classes at the Dojang

  • A comprehensive class schedule that will allow you to pick up right where you left off
  • Classes broken down by Belt Levels and sizes for personal instruction
  • Updated safety and cleaning protocols that meet local and CDC guidelines
  • Even though physically distanced, we’ll be socially connected and enjoying time with one another
  • Earn Tips and Belts in person at classes or testing

The Virtual Dojang

  • A robust Virtual Dojang with live-streaming Group Workout Classes
  • The Opportunity for all students to take Private One on One Video Lessons
  • Curriculum Classes for all Belt Levels
  • Tip Testing via Private Lessons, Curriculum Classes, and even Video Submission
  • The Opportunity to Advance with Virtual Belt Testing

If you want to train In Person, Virtual, or both, we’re there for you! However you want to learn Tae Kwon Do, we’ve got you covered!

See You Next Class,

Master P & Your World Class Instructors