COVID-19 Safety Procedures

We are pleased to announce that Master P's World Class Tae Kwon Do has reopened. We are now offering a flexible schedule of in-person and virtual classes. Our members’ health and safety is our highest priority. We have made updates based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Our measures include enhanced cleaning, social distancing, and the use of protective apparel and barriers.

Before Class (at Home)

  • Each student should use the restroom and wash hands at home. The bathroom facilities will be used in emergency situations.
  • Each student should come dressed in uniform and belt. The changing rooms will be temporarily closed.
  • Safety gear will not be required. Please leave your gear bags and non-essential items at home.
  • Read and sign the Assumption of Risk and Waiver form. Should be signed electronically prior to students’ first class.

Sign-Up for Classes

  • Each student must sign up for classes via our online schedule portal. Classes sizes will be limited to State and Local Guidelines. Students will be limited to in-person classes 2 times per week.

Student Drop Off


  • Students should arrive no sooner than 5 minutes prior to class. No early arrivals please, as Staff are preparing for class transition.
  • Social distancing will be maintained at all times. Please follow all relevant signage.
  • Except for Little Tiger classes or unless special arrangements have been made in advance, no one will be permitted to watch classes in person. We will be live-streaming classes so that you can still see your child’s fun and progress!


  • Cleaning and sanitizing between all classes
  • Monitoring social distance

Student Check-In


  • All students and staff must wear a mask in the school at all times. You may use a personal one or purchase a MPTKD mask at cost for $5.
  • Any students who show signs of being sick (coughing often or sneezing) will not be allowed to take class that day.
  • Students will have their temperature taken by a touchless thermometer prior to class, must be below 100.4F to enter.
  • Students must sanitize their hands when entering and exiting the Dojang
  • Students must maintain social distancing throughout the entire Doajng. The floors will be clearly marked and Instructors will help navigate through the school.


  • Will verify that the students have signed up via the online schedule portal prior to class
  • Confirm that students have signed the Student Assumption of Risk and Waiver
  • Will take all students temperature upon arrival
  • Will take students attendance upon entry

In-Class Procedures


  • Students will follow the directions to their assigned box on the floor.
  • Students will be permitted to bring a water bottle (No water fountain, temporarily closed) and their shoes into a designated spot next to their box.
  • During Phase 1, the in-person classes will be 30 minutes in duration and more technical and curriculum orientated and less aerobic frills. Their will be ample water breaks for students.
  • Only Wi-Fives will be permitted in the Dojang to help maintain social distancing.


  • Must wear masks at all times
  • Must maintain social distancing at all times, NO CONTACT with students or holding targets.

Student Pick Up


  • Will be dismissed one at a time in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Curbside parent pick up of student will be done within the 5 minutes after class has ended.


  • Will help supervise dismissal
  • Cleaning and sanitizing between all classes
  • Monitoring social distance

Communication with Parents and Students

  • In addition to communicating verbally with the student, Instructors will communicate student progress with parents via phone, text, or email.
  • Students should continue to work on their curriculum. Tips may be earned at in-person classes or virtual classes. Video submission for feedback and tip testing may be sent to our Facebook page or email to

Eligibility to Return to Dojang

Students and Staff:

Please do not come to the school if you:

  1. Are sick
  2. Have a fever
  3. Have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days.

If you have traveled internationally or to a high-risk area in the last 14 days, please consider getting tested or self-quarantine before returning to the school.

Wherever You Are, We Want to Teach You!

In-Person and Virtual Classes Available

Our program offers a great way for children to channel their energy in a positive way in an environment that is encouraging and patient. On top of fun techniques, students will become physically and mentally more healthy by taking care of their minds and bodies.