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Cheering kidsWhat is the World Class Kids After School Program all about?

The World Class Kids program is one of our most popular and beneficial programs for area schools. It is an after school martial arts club taught for a few short weeks right after school. Over 15 schools in the area have already participated in the program including most of the schools in the West Chester Area District, all of Great Valley, and a number of private schools. Since 2009, this unique program has helped raise over $50,000 for local schools helping to fund many things like playground equipment, needed PE supplies, financial assistance for after school sports, etc.

How does it benefit my school?

The instructors and materials required to run the World Class Kids Program will be donated by World Class Tae Kwon Do as part of our commitment to helping local children in our community. The registration fee of $20 will be donated directly to your school.

This program is taught by certified Black Belt Instructors from Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do. Our team are experts at working with children. They are patient, enthusiastic, and know how to make learning fun. All of the Instructors have the appropriate clearances and will have their licenses scanned in the office as all volunteers do.

Program Structure

1. Our staff will teach introductory martial arts classes to students in grades K-5
We realize that most children do not have any prior experience with Tae Kwon Do. As a result, our staff will volunteer their time to introduce the idea of the after school program to your students in their PE class during their regular school day.

2. A letter and permission slip is sent home with each student after the introductory classes
This letter explains that the program is not merely an after school martial arts class, but a complete character development program designed around the six life skills of focus, cooperation, self-control, respect, responsibility, and perseverance (more details in the next section) After all the permission slips have been collected they would be given to us so that we can create a roster of participants.

3. Our staff will teach four separate 60 minute classes after school on the days that you decide
We would teach twice per week for a period of two weeks. The lessons taught would introduce participants to basic martial arts exercises and techniques. However, the greatest emphasis during the classes would be on the six beneficial life skills already mentioned.

4. No specific equipment is required to run the program other than sufficient space
Based on the amount of room available in your gymnasium, we will determine the maximum number of students and the appropriate instructor to student ratio.

5. Registration is $20 and will go directly to your elementary school to use as you see fit
Our staff will be donating their time and the supplies necessary to run this event as part of our commitment to helping the area’s children. The World Class Kids program has fundraised over $50,000 for local elementary schools since 2009. The proceeds from the program have helped rebuild playgrounds, purchased needed PE equipment, and helped contribute to after school sports.

“Super Six” Life Skills Taught

The emphasis of this program is not only teaching the physical skills of Tae Kwon Do, but also educating students about several positive character traits that will enable them to achieve greater success in every area of their life. We refer to the specific life skills that we will be teaching as the “super six”. They are as follows:

FOCUS: Students learn to concentrate with their eyes, mind and body. Greater focus will enable students to pay better attention in school and at home. It can also lead to better grades.

COOPERATION: We teach students that “together everyone achieves more.” We will discuss the importance of teamwork and the various “teams” that a child belongs to, including those at home, school and sports.

RESPECT: The practice of martial arts is based on a foundation of respect for self and others. We will encourage students to notice the good in themselves, promoting self-esteem. We will also teach courteous behaviors and the importance of treating others as you would like to be treated.

SELF-CONTROL: It is extremely important to our staff that every child understands that the physical skills taught in Tae Kwon Do are not to be used aggressively or for bullying. We will stress the importance of avoiding trouble situations and walking away from confrontations.

RESPONSIBILITY: We will discuss the importance of “doing the right thing”. We will also explain the power of setting a good example for others and keeping promises.

PERSEVERANCE: The power of perseverance is our invaluable habit that will benefit students in their pursuit of better health, grades, and success. Tae Kwon Do training fosters self-confidence and the belief that with persistent effort anything is possible.

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