Donations to the Community

Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do Raises Money for Local Schools and The Chester County Hospital


Every year, Master P’s “Kicking for Miracles” event raises thousands of dollars for The Chester County Hospital. Since we began our Kicking for Miracles event back in 2010, hundreds of students have broken thousands of boards to raise money to support our local hospital and the community!


During the school year, Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do partners with local elementary schools to provide after-school martial arts clubs. These clubs, known as the World Class Kids program, provide a great introduction to Tae Kwon Do while also fundraising for the schools. 100% of the fees are donated directly to the schools. Schools that have partnered with Master P include Fern Hill, Hillsdale, Glen Acres, Penn Wood, Sarah Starkweather, Mary C. Howse, General Wayne, Sugartown, K.D. Markley, and many more!

In The Community

“Contribute to a Safe and Peaceful Community”

Starkweather Elementary World Class Kids

Master P with Sarah Starkweather Elementary Principal Meanix and staff.

Our involvement in our local community truly sets Master P's World Class Tae Kwon Do apart. When our school opened in 2009, we knew that if we were going to be successful, we would not only have to teach great martial arts and life skills, but we would also need to build strong community connections and give back to our hometown.

A key part of our school’s mission statement is to “Contribute to a Safe and Peaceful Community”.

We have taken a very active part in making this happen over the last twelve years. When we give back to the community, it reminds everyone involved in our school that the lessons of martial arts are not just applicable in our classroom, but need to be spread out into the community with a ripple effect that benefits everyone!

Our Community Involvement Over The Years

Over the past twelve years, we’re proud of running these projects within our local community:

  • Fundraised more than $60,000 for local elementary schools through our after-school martial arts club, the World Class Kids program!
  • Raised over $95,000 for The Chester County Hospital through our annual board break-a-thon event, Kicking for Miracles!
  • Donated thousands of dollars to local HSA and PTO organizations through financial contributions, auction donations, and sponsorships!
  • Our physical education “All-Star Program” has helped introduce numerous local elementary school kids to the excitement and benefit of martial arts training!
  • We have performed countless numbers of demonstrations, information booths, and field day events for local schools, scout groups, and more throughout our community!
  • We’ve promoted over 380 Black Belts into our community and are confident in the positive ripple effect their experience, skills, and values will have on thousands more.

We are very proud of the contributions we have made to our community and we look forward to you joining us in our mission to contribute even more!

What Community Leaders are saying about Master P’s Tae Kwon Do

Mrs. Heather Stewart, Guidance Counselor
Glen Acres Elementary

Mr. Mike Yarosewick, Phy. Ed. Teacher
Glen Acres Elementary

Angela Coladonato
Chief Nursing Officer at The Chester County Hospital

Michael McKenna
Owner-operator at The Learning Experience

10 Ways World Class Tae Kwon Do Wants to Donate to Your Local Elementary School!

1. World Class Kids Program
The World Class Kids program is one of our most popular and beneficial programs for area schools. It is an after school martial arts club taught for a few short weeks right after school. Over 15 schools in the area have already participated in the program including most of the schools in the West Chester Area District, all of Great Valley, and a number of private schools. Since 2009, this unique program has helped raise over $50,000 for local schools helping to fund many things like playground equipment, needed PE supplies, financial assistance for after school sports, etc. A whole separate information packet is available for this program.

2. “STAND UP” Anti Bullying Seminar
As West Chester’s Bully Expert, Master P can build the confidence and self-esteem you want for your child. His seminar will help teach students, teachers, and even parents how to deal with difficult situations and prevent them altogether in a non-physical method. Children get to participate in an active seminar that not only discusses about bully proofing a child but also addresses how to “Carry Oneself with Confidence”.

3. Teacher, PTO, HSA Self-Defense 101 Seminar
Learn the ABC’s of self-defense by becoming aware, putting up boundaries, and preparing for contact in this 45-minute session. This class is geared for adult teachers, faculty, and PTO/HSA officers. It’s dynamic, action packed, fun and practical.

4. Field Days
One of the most exciting end of the school year days is the annual Field Day events at schools. Master P and his staff have been featured at Field Day stations running everything from Mini Classes, Martial Arts Obstacle Courses, and even Color and Break Your Own Board. Contact us early to set up a unique and fun station for your school’s students!

5. Silent Auction/Raffle Donations
Parents will love to bid on a World Class Tae Kwon Do gift bag at your school’s next auction or raffle! Four whole weeks of Tae Kwon Do classes, a World Class Birthday Party, a free uniform and belt – these are just a few of the exciting options we can offer to give your raffle even more “KICK!”

6. Special Event Booths
Guests and families will have the opportunity to learn more about Tae Kwon Do and even win some great prizes provided by our World Class Tae Kwon Do Booth! Our event booths have been featured at Ice Cream Socials, Open Houses, Family Fun Nights, and Community Fairs. They’re a great way to attract attention and raise money for the sponsor, your school!

7. Demonstrations
Your students are sure to be impressed with our jaw-dropping Black Belt demonstrations. See local students performing the highest level Tae Kwon Do techniques like flips, spinning kicks, board breaking, self-defense, and team performances all choreographed to routine music. Our World Class Demos have been featured at school assemblies, after school scout groups, day camps, and other events!

8. Show And Tell
Share the art of Tae Kwon Do with your classroom. Your students will be captivated as they participate in an actual Tae Kwon Do class, introducing them to the basic culture and techniques of the world’s most popular martial art.

9. Career Day
Master P or one of his instructors will explore Tae Kwon Do with you and your class. He can provide an exciting mini tutorial for all to take part in. Afterwards, a brief Q & A to find out what it is like being a Tae Kwon Do Master! Great handout materials are available for this event too. See if your school or Guidance Counselor would like a unique and memorable guest there!

10. Culture Awareness Days
Does your school have cultural diversity programs that would want a fun and exciting interactive display? Experience Korea’s national sport, Tae Kwon Do, and see what makes it the world’s most popular martial art! Students and Instructors wear traditional uniforms and can discuss, teach, and let students perform some easy to learn moves, including breaking a board!

See How We Contribute to a Safe and Peaceful Community

One Free Week!

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