3 Common Concerns Parents Have About Martial Arts for Their Children

Master P with student

It is recommended that every child play sports and stay active as they grow up. Martial arts like Tae Kwon Do provide a physical activity that offers benefits that extend outside of each class. Your child will not only be active – they’ll learn respect, self-control, discipline, self-confidence, focus, and many other great qualities that they can take with them to their school, work, and even later in life.

But we also know that many people have questions and concerns about martial arts for children, especially if they’ve never taken it themselves. Below are three common questions that we hear from parents worried about putting their child in Tae Kwon Do.

Question 1: Will My Child Get Hurt?

Perhaps the most common concern among parents is that their child will get hurt while learning martial arts. We believe that children are far *less* likely to get hurt in martial arts than they would be in other sports. Your child spends most of their time learning techniques and styles. They may “spar” eventually, but only within their knowledge and in a controlled environment.

Tae Kwon Do also emphasizes kicks over punches, and helps children learn self-defense that may keep them safe later in life. Children can get hurt just like they can if they play any sport, but – under the supervision of our team, you should not expect children just starting out to be at greater risk of injury than they would be if they played other sports, like football or basketball.

Question 2: Will My Child Start Fights?

Martial arts teaches self-control and self-defense. It is, by its very nature, designed to actually reduce aggression – not teach it. Our students do not start fights, nor are they learning any form of aggressive behavior. We believe the opposite is true, and many parents bring students that have had issues with aggression to teach them more calmness and clarity that they use later in life.

Question 3: What Shape Does My Child Need to Be In?

Any shape. With all new students, we start slow, teach the basics, and help build things like strength and flexibility that all children can benefit from. They’ll be surrounded by others with their skill level, and will be taught how to work with their bodies to move and flow more freely.

But you do not need to take our word for this. We have a free 7 day trial, where you or your child can come to our classes and try Tae Kwon Do out for yourself. We know you have questions, so give us a call if you need additional support or sign up your student, today.