Benefits of Tae Kwon Do Over Team Sports for Kids

Participating in sports is a great activity for kids of all ages. It is an opportunity for physical fitness, socialization, personal achievement, and skill development that is helpful for kids and teens. But martial arts offer several benefits that team sports cannot.

These benefits can make taekwondo a more rewarding experience for kids who have struggled in team sports or provide a second activity that offers them a chance to push themselves.

Why Tae Kwon Do May Be the Right Sport for Your Kid

Team sports can be a fun way to enjoy competition and camaraderie while also building physical fitness skills. For children who like participating in team sports like soccer, basketball, football, or others, there is no reason to quit. But some kids experience challenges in this environment and taekwondo can be a better after school activity because:

  • Tae Kwon Do is About Personal Bests – In taekwondo, each student sets their own goals and pushes themselves toward a personal best. A student does not need to be a top fighter to succeed in taekwondo in every class.
  • Everyone Participates – Taekwondo students do not sit on the bench waiting to play. Everyone is active and on the mat every lesson, practicing forms, moves, and sparring.
  •  All Ages Benefit – Kids age out of many team sports as they get older as the sports become more selective and demanding, making them available only to the best players. Because taekwondo is about personal performance, people can enjoy participating at any age and skill level.
  • Confidence is a Focus – Students develop confidence in taekwondo as a result of their progress. This is a key goal of sports for kids and does not require a student to be the best on their team to gain it.
  • Respect is Key – Respect is a tenant of taekwondo and there is no trash talking, bullying, or other forms of disrespect permitted between peers or competitors.

The skills learned in taekwondo also have lifelong benefits. Confidence, discipline, focus, and respect will continue to be valuable outside of taekwondo practice and even if a child no longer practices martial arts in the future.

Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do provides taekwondo classes to children, teens, and adults in West Chester, PA. We create an environment where our students can be enthusiastic about learning and pushing themselves to be their best. To learn more about our taekwondo classes, enroll online for a free trial week.