How Taekwondo Can Make You Better at Sports

Taekwondo on its own is a great martial art form for developing discipline, focus, and fitness from a young age onward. When it’s combined with other sports though, Taekwondo can be a smart way to improve athletic proficiency and develop fitness routines for long-term victory.

Regardless of the sport itself, cross-training in martial arts lends itself to a wide variety of mental and physical advantages that translate to many different sporting events. Taekwondo is a great choice for building a strong foundation for athletes to train on as it reinforces the importance of bodily wellness and understanding before any given sport’s training regimen begins pushing us to our limits.

For example, the precise movements of Taekwondo can help build overall balance. This can benefit an athlete of any sport and allows an athlete to perform at a higher level while also risking significantly less injury. When your focus is on overall bodily health, the pressure put on the body by sports fitness training is much easier to manage.

The physical benefits of Taekwondo are only a part of the story as well. The mental disciplines that Taekwondo trains in can also help athletes develop better concentration and react quicker, which can be the difference maker in the middle of a competition. Particularly useful during high-pressure sporting events, Taekwondo is a great discipline to bring to any field, court, rink, or race.

Athletes Cross-Trained in Taekwondo

Taekwondo cross-training is a fantastic way to train your cardio, balance, and game focus while developing superior coordination between your mind and your body. In fact, there are countless athletes from many different sports that have found success with Taekwondo as a core part of their exercise and fitness discipline. Some of these athletes include:

  • Hakeem Olajuwon – Utilized Taekwondo in his fitness routine to develop footwork and agility on the basketball court that lead to an NBA Hall of Famer career.
  • Diana Taurasi – Developing better balance and coordination with Taekwondo has benefited Diana Taurasi throughout her WNBA career.
  • DeAndre Hopkins – Found Taekwondo to be a fantastic way to increase his flexibility and speed as a wide receiver in the NFL.
  • Kobe Bryant – The late Koby Bryant trained in Taekwondo as a way to develop better footwork and maneuverability on the NBA basketball court.
  • Gabby Douglas – As an Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas trained in Taekwondo as a way to improve her coordination and balance for gymnastic competition.

It’s important to remember that Taekwondo is not simply an additional class or technique meant only for fitness. As a lifestyle, Taekwondo offers more than a cardio routine. It creates a discipline for an athlete to build a mindset around.