Fitness Classes for Children and Adults in West Chester, PA

Improve Fitness, Flexibility, and More in a Way that is Fun for the Whole Family at Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do

Most of us understand that we need to take better care of ourselves. But most of us find the traditional ways to do this – for example, going to the gym, or taking morning jogs – do not sound very appealing. Fitness requires more than a desire to be healthier. It requires a feeling that you are genuinely and positively engaged in the fitness experience. Without that, it is unlikely to last.

At Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do, we make fitness fun. Our Tae Kwon Do classes are a great way to get aerobic and some anaerobic exercise. It also improves balance and flexibility, burns calories, and provides psychological benefits as well. Martial arts is a great way to stay healthy, and those looking for fitness classes for kids or adults find that taekwondo hits all the right boxes. Sign up for one week free, today.

Are Martial Arts Programs Really Considered Fitness Classes?

For us here at Master P’s Tae Kwon Do, we are truly believes in the incredible, life changing power of martial arts. We don’t often think of our classes as fitness classes, as martial arts are a more holistic experience that gives people useful life skills, enhances self-confidence, and much more.

But the science on the fitness benefits of martial arts like Tae Kwon Do are pretty clear, and the more you engage with the activity, the more likely you are to see some long lasting benefits. For example:

  • Calorie Burn – One hour of taekwondo is believed to burn, on average, between 500 and 900 calories per hour depending on the intensity of the workout. For comparison, a person running at a 6 mile per hour pace will burn about 550 to 750 calories. Those are very comparable numbers, but most people find martial arts to be more fun and engaging in the process.
  • Heart Health – Taekwondo is considered a high intensity exercise that requires a lot of aerobic activity. Studies have shown that taekwondo athletes have cardio-respiratory fitness levels comparable to runners, soccer players, and other high intensity athletes. Yet, many people find martial arts easier to engage with for all skill levels, making it a better fitness class for most age groups.
  • Flexibility – Taekwondo is known to improve flexibility, even for adults that may not otherwise stretch enough. It is comparable to yoga, despite yoga being better known for its flexibility improvements.
  • Anaerobic Power Capacity – Taekwondo may not offer quite the same level of strength improvements as traditional muscle-targeting dumbbell exercises, but it is still considered a form of anaerobic workout. Those that engage in Taekwondo have been shown to have more power capacity, allowing for greater functional strength and stamina.

In addition, martial arts is engaging. Most traditional fitness classes in West Chester, Paoli, Exton, Downingtown, and the surrounding areas are great for being fit, but are largely seen as difficult, inconvenient, or stressful. If you’re not already interested in lifting weights, for example, you are unlikely to be interested later in the future. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you.

But the vast majority of students that we see here at Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do enjoy martial arts. That makes these fitness classes more engaging, and something that you can feel comfortable sticking with for years. Fitness isn’t a one-and-done activity. The ability to continue onward for potentially the rest of your life is important, and Taekwondo provides that in a way that few other forms of exercise can.

Chester County Fitness Classes at Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do

We may not traditionally call our martial arts classes “fitness classes,” but the data is clear. Almost everything you want to get from a fitness class you can receive from Tae Kwon Do, all while learning additional valuable skills that will help you in other ways.

Based in West Chester, PA, Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do is a great choice for fitness classes if you live anywhere in the region – including West Goshen, Paoli, Exton, Malvern, Glen Mills, and beyond. We have classes for children, teens, adults, and families, and offer a 1 week free trial so you can try Tae Kwon Do for yourself. Sign up today to get started.