How to Get Better at Taekwondo Faster

When you are learning Taekwondo, especially when you are starting out, getting to that next belt level is one of the most exciting parts. At the same time, feeling stuck or held back by a move can be one of the more frustrating aspects. This can lead you to wonder how you can get better at Taekwondo faster and what steps you can take to reach that desired level of success.

These are strategies that some of the best Taekwondo students use to boost their practice, so whether you are looking to perfect a form that you have been stuck on or earn your next belt or stripe, these strategies can help you get there.

Tips for Improving Your Skills in Taekwondo

When you want to get better at any skill in martial arts, or in life, remember that the key tenets of Taekwondo are focus, determination, and consistency. All improvement in Taekwondo requires work and there are no tips that will fast-track you to the next belt or stripe.

Instead, these tips provide some guidance for working smarter and focusing your energy to help you see the improvement you want:

  • Give It Your All – if you want to be one of the best in Taekwondo, you will need to put in the effort to get there. This means that improvement will be one of your top goals and you will show up to the mat ready to succeed and put 100% effort into all of the work you do.
  • Get Outside Advice – When you are highly focused on something, you can start to develop blind spots around what you are practicing. This is where an outside opinion can be very helpful. Talk with your instructors or classmates about any suggestions they have for your improvement and then spend some time focusing on the advice they had for you.
  • Focus on One Area – Examine if there are any specifics that might be holding you back and devote your focus to these areas. Drilling on the small details until they are perfect can help you improve your overall performance.
  • Focus on Other Challenges – When you have one challenge taking all of your focus, you should still take time to practice other skills as well. Taking a step back will help you keep your mind clear and improve your focus. Learning other skills can also help you more easily improve on the skills you are targeting.

You also want to avoid getting discouraged. Staying motivated is often one of the most challenging parts, but is essential for improving your skills and abilities in Taekwondo. Continue practicing and stay committed and you will begin to see a noticeable improvement in your performance.

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