How to Keep Your Child Encouraged for Taekwondo

Master P Instructing

Taekwondo can be one of the best activities for kids and teenagers since it gives them an activity that helps build confidence and discipline, and gives them skills that can benefit them in school and in life. Most people that try taekwondo find it incredibly engaging, as it is fun, energetic, interesting, and provides social benefits that students of all ages love.

But what happens if your child doesn’t seem to be taking to martial arts immediately? Sometimes, it takes a few months to really get into the swing of Taekwondo, especially if it’s very new for them. The following are some tricks to keep your child interested in martial arts.

Getting Kids to Stick with Tae Kwon Do

It is true that not every kid will love every activity, but sticking with martial arts can be extremely rewarding for younger kids and teenagers. Over time, they will often reach a point where they enjoy going so much that they will be motivated to go on their own. Until this point, you can help encourage them by:

  • Keeping Class Attendance Consistent – Attending class at least two times a week will help turn Taekwondo into a habit and maintain both your child’s interest and their progress from class to class. This means that they are never starting over or getting left behind in skills by their peers.
  • Talk About Taekwondo at Home – Show your interest in what your child is learning at Taekwondo. Have them practice their forms at home, ask them what they accomplished in each class, and consider watching videos of competitions or techniques online together.
  • Congratulate Accomplishments – Whether your kid achieves their next belt or perfects a pattern they have been struggling with, acknowledge their growth and encourage them to set their next goal.
  • Consider Scheduling – Plan to attend class at a time where it will not interrupt other fun activities, like video games or hanging out with friends, as this can turn Taekwondo into more of a chore than a reward.  Taekwondo works especially well after school or homework time since it offers an opportunity to get some energy out.
  • Join with Your Kid – You can turn Taekwondo into a family bonding experience by joining alongside your kid. You will both motivate the other to continue attending class and improving, and your child will learn by your example in watching you set and meet goals.
  • Find the Right Taekwondo School – The right Taekwondo program will help your child feel comfortable, challenged, and supported to help make practicing Taekwondo interesting and fun. When picking a school, you can check with the instructors what age groups they typically work with and what their approach to teaching children or teens is.

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