Why Girls (and Women) Benefit from Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do instruction

Most martial arts disciplines – are still largely dominated by boys, despite the many talented women who have risen to the top ranks of the sport in recent years. While we train many women in these techniques, and we have many of our own female instructors that are some of the most skilled athletes we have ever seen, we do notice that the field of martial arts training is often seen as a largely male-dominated one.

Taekwondo classes for girls and women are often framed primarily as self-defense classes, and while Taekwondo can be valuable for self defense training, this martial arts style offers many additional benefits for women that make this martial art a great experience for girls and women of all ages to try.

How Learning Taekwondo Can Benefit Women of All Ages

Practicing Taekwondo exercises both the body and mind. It is a fitness activity, and many women find it is more engaging and fun than alternatives like yoga or the gym. But in addition to being a fitness activity, it also builds confidence, reduces stress, and increases self discipline, all of which are helpful for every Taekwondo student. Some of the reasons that martial arts are great for girls in particular include:

  • Control Over Strength – Although taekwondo does build muscle, it is the control and precision in the movements that are often more important than power alone, and students learn to leverage their existing strengths. Many top students of Taekwondo may not have extensive strength, but are powerful because they have mastered the necessary control.
  • Building Confidence – Setting goals in Taekwondo and pushing themselves to reach those goals can give young women greater confidence that they can take with them into school, work, and their social lives.
  • Community – Taekwondo emphasizes a supportive community that wants every student to succeed. This is great for providing young women with friends, and support, all while training in a safe space.
  • Focus on Legs and Movement – Tae Kwon Do is best known for the way it involves the legs. It is not just a “punch” based martial arts style, integrating a lot of leg movements that women tend to find more enjoyable to learn. It also takes advantage of movement. It both increases flexibility and also takes advantage of it for more fluid motions. Women often find this to speak to them in ways that other martial arts may not.

And, although it may not be the main goal for everyone, there is still benefit of self-defense skills from Taekwondo. This is especially true when a young woman is practicing Taekwondo regularly. She will be able to refine the skills and make them second nature so that they will be more effective if she ever finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do is a martial arts studio in West Chester that works with all students with the goal of helping them be their best selves, reaching their goals in Taekwondo, and building skills they can use inside and outside of the studio.  If you have daughters or want to experience all the benefits of Taekwondo yourself, sign up for a free week of trial classes at Master P’s World Class Tae Kwon Do to discover what Taekwondo can offer.