The Power of Commitment

How Commitments Help You Succeed

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Our lives are influenced by big and small commitments every day. You make a commitment to go to work or school. You schedule a doctor’s appointment and are now committed to going next week. You RSVP for the wedding next year. Commitment is also an important part of joining a Tae Kwon Do program and oftentimes one of the most intimidating factors when deciding whether or not to sign up. After years of teaching Tae Kwon Do students, I have noticed it’s also one of the most rewarding aspects of the sport. The Power of Commitment is incredible:

The Power of Commitment

Goal Setting. Making a commitment like Tae Kwon Do offers a consistent opportunity for micro-goals and long-term goals. Get in one more roundhouse before the time is up than you did last time. Earn your green belt by May of 2022. The key to setting good goals is to add a timeframe. “I will do this by XXX.” The regular testing schedule provides consistent opportunities and commitments to work toward goals.

Connection and Commonality. Joining a community based around commitment is incredibly rewarding. You have the opportunity to form connections with other people who are dedicated to the same cause. Tae Kwon Do might be an individual sport, but it is very much a community. You will likely see the same people every week who are also working toward the same goals. We are there to support each other during successes and opportunities for improvement.

Overcoming Challenges and a Sense of Pride. Saying “yes” to opportunities and commitments is a way of showing confidence in your future self and what you are capable of. It might take you months of practice to learn a new form. You might confidently approach Test Day but not perform to the best of your ability and need to retest. Not every class is going to be easy, and not every day will feel successful. But, it’s the bigger picture that will make you see your success. The tenacity it takes and your ability to overcome challenges is what will make you proud of your commitment.

Responsibility. Commitment is an obligation to be dedicated to a cause or activity. This obligation and dedication are what help you power through and take responsibility for your choices. When signing up for an activity like Tae Kwon Do, for example, there are going to be days when you are tired and would rather stay home and other times when a more fun opportunity arises. You get to decide whether to stick to your commitment or do something that sounds more appealing at the moment. Your choice is how you build character.

I have noticed this responsibility and commitment are most intimidating for parents who are debating whether or not to sign their kids up for The Black Belt Club. What if they don’t feel like going to class one day? What if they suddenly lack motivation? Will it be a fight to get to each practice? Remember, with commitment comes reward and lifelong lessons. Speak with your child about what a commitment to Tae Kwon Do program might include. Then, read through this blog post together to see if the Power of Commitment is something they would like to experience.

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